What to Expect at This Year’s Biggest Analytics Summit for the Healthcare Industry

Analytics is a hot topic throughout the healthcare industry, and the level of interest is only growing. From doctors who are seeking ways of delivering improved health outcomes to their patients to administrators tasked with cutting costs, data-oriented analytics approaches seem to have a lot to offer. As an upcoming Healthcare Analytics Summit will make plain, people from a huge range of backgrounds and even industries have something to say on the subject.

The planned HAS16 keynote talks cover everything from the most common subjects like how to use Healthcare analytics sessions to reduce waste to more esoteric and individual perspectives. One speaker, for example, plans to talk about what the field of criminal justice has to say for analytics in the healthcare field. While that might seem like a tenuous link to make at first, the fact is that a long, successful tradition of analytics in that discipline seems to suggest some direct translations into the world of healthcare.

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As with most healthcare analytics conferences that have been held so far, though, many of the talks at the upcoming summit will focus on more frequently painted targets. At the top of the priorities list for many will inevitably be those sessions that focus on how analytics might be deployed to reduce costs in the industry. With so many hospitals and other health organizations today facing not just skyrocketing costs of their own but also rapidly shrinking reimbursements, administrators are rightly eager to see what analytics might be able to do for them.

That is not to say that analytics is all about numbers of a cold, hard sort, however. The fact is that some of the most impressive advances in the field of late have made themselves known in terms of improved health outcomes, and a number of speakers at the upcoming conference will detail such stories and how they came to be. Particularly for those who are able to study large health populations at once, analytics-based approaches can often reveal relatively simple ways of delivering better results through small but well-grounded changes.

Most attractive and fruitful of all, of course, are those findings that manage to convey benefits of several kinds together. While victories of that sort have so far been relatively rare, at least at larger scales, there is a growing body of evidence that suggests that analytics can deliver advancements that both lower costs and improve results. Attendees at the upcoming conference will undoubtedly be attuned to such developments, as all can appreciate them when they occur.


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